07/18/23- Finally posting v1

07/11/23- Updated layout added more to shrines, why have I done that to myself?

07/06/23- Updated shrines with cover images

07/04/23- Added more to shrines and disclaimer to FF Archive

07/02/23- CSS and color palette

06/26/23- Color palette adjustments

06/25/23- CSS work

06/23/23- Started the fun part (CSS)

06/22/23- Added links to external sites

06/21/23- Finished adding main pages, and worked on Fanfic page

06/20/23- Opening measures


I'm very tired and just collecting stuff I like here. I have links to what I'm reading, watching and playing. My shrines to my favorite fandoms. I'm into big sexy monsters. Smash that back button if you don't know how to be chill.

Some links or writing are +18.



Okay I'm putting this up, hopefully most everything works well. Right now I'm bored with working on my website, and I'm working on fanfic because I've finally gotten over my desperate need to play Tears of the Kingdom constantly which means I feel comfortable actually watching stuff I care about and I'm not just sitting around rewatching TV shows that don't require attention. I'll work on shrines when I feel like getting to those, but it's a pretty big project. Maybe I shouldn't have put so many, most people don't have that many. I just like a lot of things a lot. I really did want to get to mobile sooner because the whole point of this website is to act as my personal homepage and I'm on that damn phone all the time so... I'll get to it when I get to it.

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Q: Why don't you have 500 88x31 badges down here?

A: They look cute and I support them, but I do not have the patience for either A)Finding the ones I want, or B) Making them or C) Putting them all into this little box. That's just too much work. More power to y'all.